12 DIY trinket board designs – creative ways to decorate your room

Have you ever found that you don’t have enough space to store your jewelry? Since they know every girl, they would have many accessories and storage areas that they would have to use to keep it in. If this is your predicament, then most likely this article would help you tremendously. We will try to give you some inspiration as you know what you can do to create storage for your different types of jewelry right on your wall.

Cork jewelry stand

These are made from a store bought bulletin board with a frame and some pins


As you can see below, this is one of the many jewelry storage designs that you can consider. This board allows you to hang your smaller trinkets without taking up much space.

Jewelry display with hook

In this particular picture, you can see that the designer added some sort of hook to give your necklaces and other jewelry some wall space. This will definitely add a little more interest and color to a monochromatic wall.

Old window frame as a jewelry stand

You can also create a pin board for smaller pieces of jewelry. Just look at this design; it is picturesque and interesting at the same time.

Copper Pipe Jewelry Tree

If you don’t want to limit your storage area to the wall, you can put this amazing DIY copper pipe jewelry tree on a table. This gives you extra storage space for those large trinkets you may have.

Artwork inspired jewelry display

You can turn your jewelry display board into a work of art and make it a centerpiece for your living room or even your bedroom just like in this picture. These branches for the necklaces definitely add originality to the design as well.

DIY country style jewelry display


You can also experiment with materials when constructing your jewelry board. In this image, the cup hooks and wood definitely give the board a unique design quality not found elsewhere.

Driftwood Jewelry Hanger

I love driftwood crafts and this one is my favorite for this project!

In this particular image you can see the ingenuity of the design as instead of the traditional jewelry board these are driftwood hangers. It will definitely be worth paying attention to in the future.

Art inspired jewelry organizer

Jewelry organizer in a frame
Jewelry organizer in a frame

Here is another example of a picture frame inspired jewelry board. It certainly gives the quintessence of vibes. Solid color details like a flower and pearl necklace on the side of the jewelry board make this organizer even cuter and more attractive despite the clutter in this picture.

Vinyl decal DIY jewelry tree

This is a simple yet creative idea! Put a branch vinyl decal on your wall or draw some twigs, add shiny silver or gold thumbtacks and hang some long necklaces, the result is stunning!

This vinyl decal adds something extra to an already amazing idea. Not only does it make your jewelry display a good place to store or hang your precious gems and accessories, it also gives you the opportunity to turn your wall into a beautiful work of art to admire.

So what are you waiting for? If I were you I will definitely try this jewelry storage idea very soon. Want to see more ideas for displaying cute things, check out my collection display ideas here

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