18 unique crafts with beach shells and decorative ideas

Did you collect seashells on your last visit to the beach? Or maybe you’ve been collecting seashells since you were a child. Here are some of the unique beach shell craft ideas.

Mini terrarium with shells, sand and succulents

Bring your beach memories home and keep them in a jar. Get a clear glass or bottle. Put some sand and shells in it. You can put stickers on it and label each container with the name of the destination.

DIY terrarium with beach shells

This is a super easy summer craft that you can make with your kids or by yourself if you want to decorate your house in a coastal style. Check out the full tutorial here

DIY clam container

Instructions on how to make your own seashell and sea glass pen holders

You can reinvent an empty tin can with beach shells. Glue around a piece of paper or fabric around a tin can. Then embellish it with your shell collection using a hot glue gun. You can add some sea glass to make it more colorful and attractive.

DIY seashell planter

You will need a flower pot, a hot glue gun and some seashells.

Framed Shell Wall Art Ideas

Framed seashell art

To display the treasures you collected from your last visit to the beach, buy a frame or shadow box at the thrift or craft store and glue any shells onto the backdrop or just fill them with shells.

Create a pattern to make it look even more attractive. Just like this heart below


DIY shell wreath

Give your old grapevine wreath a new seaside makeover by decorating it with assorted seashells and starfish. The look is complete with a bow wreath hanger. This simple but cute shell wreath will dress up your front door or a summery accessory for your home decor.

source and guidance

DIY Shell Mirror Frame

DIY outer shell mirror source

It would be a beautiful sight to see your collection of beach shells every time you look in the mirror. Position the largest shells onto the mirror frame first, then start from largest to smallest and then fit the other shells into the remaining gaps until the mirror’s frame is completely framed.

Old mirror decorated with beach shells

Create a wind chime with Seaside Design

You can use these beach shell wind chimes for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

You can paint beach shells with different colors

All you need is some string and then holes in your shells to insert the string. You will be surprised how beautiful these wind chimes are.

Create a frame out of beach shells

Create a photo frame with your shell collection. Glue the shells nicely to the edges of the frame. You can add either your own photo or a beach-themed photo.

DIY picture frame with beach shells

Beautify what you have at home

Beautiful birdcage with beach shells

If you have an old birdcage, place your collection of large beach shells in it and hang it outdoors or indoors.

Heart shaped wood with beach shells

DIY heart charms made from seashells
Making shells with clay

You can also mold clay into different shapes and glue your collection onto each shape to create cute beach shell wall decorations or pendants.

Candlestick shell

Seashell Decorated with Beach Themes – a cute craft to make with your kid!

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