Cool ways to use pebbles for decoration

There are many ways to fill your home with decorative objects that bring a piece of nature into your living space. Feel free to use driftwood and pebbles along with other natural materials. Take a look at these interesting ideas that will show you how to use pebbles for your home decoration. For example, you will find interesting methods on how to decorate planters with pebbles. Combine pebbles with candles and flowers for table settings, or even use painted pebbles for framed wall art. These ideas work really well indoors and outdoors, so have fun with them!

Home decor with pebbles

You can use Weldbond glue and an old wood panel or board. Sanding down the back of the stones with coarse sandpaper can also help. They should be clean and dry before starting. Hot glue might also work.

Framed pebbles and sea glass

You can find a manual here

Stone candle holder for decoration

Make pebble cactus yourself

Make your own pebble jewelry hangers

Mosaic tree made of pebbles :

Craft driftwood and pebbles

Driftwood bowls and pebble hangers or mobiles

Tic Tac Toe Driftwood and Pebble Board Game:

Decorate outdoor pots with pebbles:

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