DIY Bottle Cap Magnets – cool and easy to make

If you want to know how to make beer bottle cap magnets then my tutorial is for you!

Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to gather materials for this super easy project. Bottle cap magnets are perfect for attaching a honey-do list or holiday pictures to the fridge. A set of four or six magnets would also make a fun gift.

Here are some ways to create these magnets:

First way to create bottle cap magnets

This is an easy and straightforward way, good for beginners


  • Bottle Caps – Be careful to remove them from the bottle carefully so as not to severely bend the sides
  • 3/4 inch diameter magnets
  • hot glue gun

Before you start making your magnets, be sure to wash your bottle caps.

Turn the bottle cap upside down and squirt some hot glue inside. carefully, I repeat, careful, place the magnet in the hot glue. It’s called hot glue for a reason. You don’t want to burn your fingers. Allow the glue to cool completely.

Your cheesy upcycled magnets are ready for the fridge.

You can also create different bottle cap designs, for example paint them in different colors

1) Hot glue your magnets onto bottle caps and wait for them to dry.

2) Get some paper designs or print some pictures of your pets or something fun! You can even put dry flowers in bottle caps.

If you decide to use paper design, cut out circles that fit inside bottle caps. Glue these onto your bottle cups using a brush and modge podge

A tip :Make sure there is a good seal between the paper
and the bottom of the cap, if there are some voids, the resin may sink in, and later there may be bubbles and cracks on the surface!

3) Once it has dried, fill each cap to the top with resin /Modge Podge Resin. Once the caps are filled with resin they need to sit on a flat surface for 24 hours to solidify.

If you have a creative mind, then you could take it a step further and create your own unique bottle cap art! This will be a perfect gift for your friends!

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