DIY: Brightly Woven Chain Bracelet Tutorial

My latest yesterday Marie Claire arrived and I looked at this spread. The colorful accessories are so stimulating. Perfectly timed because even here in Houston we’re experiencing a cold snap. (I have some company in the studio from the plants that usually live on the roof terrace.)

It’s always seemed perfect for DIY, but I was never motivated to try it until I rediscovered this neon fabric cord in my stash. For weeks I’ve been playing around with the cord, trying to knot it into patterns, weave it into necklaces or make a cute tassel out of it, but I finally found inspiration.

DIY bright woven chain bracelet

How to make your own colorful woven chain bracelet!


Chain – Use what you have or what you can find. I used 6mm x 11mm twisted cable chain similar to this. Approximately 12 inches – 18 inches.
lacing – Check your local fabric store or consider laces! I used about 30″ of 1/8″.
end caps – Optional, but I like the finished look. Requires 2 per bracelet. Mine are similar to this.

If you don’t want to walk around and collect all the materials yourself, you can Buy a set with everything you need by me in my Etsy shop.

woven chain bracelet tutorial

1. Cut your cable to about 30 inches. Be sure to tape each end with tape to prevent unraveling. Cut 2 (or 3) lengths of chain of about 6 inches. Since the bracelet is simply tied, it can be easily adjusted to different wrist sizes.

how to make a woven chain bracelet

2. Align your chain pieces and start by threading them through the links of the chain as shown.

DIY instructions for woven cord and chain bracelets

3. Continue threading until you reach the end of the bracelet. Then cut the extra cord at each end to about 4 to 5 inches. Finally glue on the end caps. You can use jewelry epoxy or even super glue.

DIY woven chain bracelet how-to

4. Tie and wear. But make a few more first – they look amazing together. I used three layers of chain on the pink and orange bracelet.

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