DIY Gold Painted Bamboo Table – Decorating Ideas and Instructions!

As you know, lately I’ve been into DIY, decorating and especially painting vintage furniture. This time I’m trying a new idea: DIY Gold Painted Bamboo Table!

Funny story about this bamboo table… I spotted it at one of my regular thrift stores on a Friday, the day before Half Open Furniture Saturday. It was a bit run down and I knew I had to paint it, so I decided to take a chance and wait until it was halfway gone. My “vintage paranoia” got the better of me the next morning and I was sure the ladies in the row were there for the same table as me. No elbows were thrown, but I might have gotten a few questionable looks and ripped my yoga pants as I rushed to the checkout.

It took me a while to get to this project (a couple of months actually, but who’s counting?). But look at the amazing result! In the end, all it took was a little sanding, a coat of spray primer, and the Montana Gold spray paint I bought off Amazon a couple of weeks ago. The color I used is called Goldchrome (but you can use any metallic paint color) and it went on like a dream.

I made these legs up close so you can see how smooth and shiny they are in person. Now that the table is being pounded by toddlers every day, I’ve realized that it needs a protective clear coat to keep it shiny and protect it from chips and dents.

And what better way to showcase my new table than with the sharpness of some Furbish Studio cushions? Do you remember these? I won them in the raffle last month and they are just as radical as I expected.

However, I did realize that when a slew of Furbish pillows (free!) arrive at your doorstep, you have a moral obligation to keep them looking their best, how to style them. I think my Kantha throw and Nate Berkus rug make them look like the perfect little pillows they are. But I’m biased.

I couldn’t leave out the last pillow in the bundle, so it’s on my boarding bench for the time being. I’m still deciding on a fabric to reupholster the bench, so for now I’ve got one of my favorite scarves over it to add some color. I’m pretty sure I won’t be making it to this project any time soon, just so you guys know. 😉 I’m also almost certain that I’ve officially reached my contingent of artificial bamboo. Will this stop me? Probably not.

Any of you guys want a tutorial on how to spray paint furniture? I know there are so many of them out there so I decided to just leave the pretty after shots to you guys instead. If you would like a spray paint tutorial in the future let me know. I always find something to spray!

(If you look closely, you can see my husband’s triathlon bike in the background.

It’s in the middle of my dining room/entrance. Niiiiice.)

And the sources for my entry:

Bank- My best friend Lauren got this for me after it didn’t sell at her garage sale. Thank you LL! 🙂 I have big plans to re-cover it but I’m loving it right now with my pink scarf over it.

bamboo mirror Find real estate sales. 25 dollars, y’all!

white frame Walmart!!! Yes, they have inexpensive, plain white frames that look great anywhere. Target also has a wide range of white frames.

Print in white frame– from this Matisse book I found on Amazon: Matisse von Essers, Volkmar (2000)

round frame housewares

Chandelier- Find a thrift store

brass lamp- Find real estate sales

Carpet- From my best kept secret (not anymore!) Ecarpet Gallery. They have great prices, but you’ll have to be patient and do some digging to find what you want.

Baskets- hobby lobby

Pillow- Furbish Studio, Ikea and Etsy

Wall paint– Behr, wheat bread

And that’s it! Hopefully I’ve answered all of your questions, but if not and you want to know more about how to spray a table drop me an email and I’ll try to answer (somewhat) in a timely manner. 🙂 Have a nice weekend everyone!

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