DIY t-shirt rug – no-sew tutorial

Here is a great tutorial on how to make a t-shirt rug. These types of projects are very time consuming but worth every second you invest. This week I’m going to make a rug out of Amelia Decker’s t-shirt scraps I had left over from making heads, purses, and quilts out of her dresses. It’s taking a long time to make these rugs, it’s taken a week or two so far, but it’s almost done!

DIY t-shirt rug tutorial

My niece passed away a few years ago. She was hit by a car at a marked crosswalk. I was lucky enough to have her clothes. All their clothes were put to great use. I made quilts, purses, headbands. You name it, I made it! I thought it would be a great way to remember her. I can keep this rug forever. This rug was one of my favorite projects I’ve done.

I now keep this rug in my daughter’s nursery.

How to make a no-sew t-shirt rug:

Supplies are needed :

  • A rectangular piece of fabric (you choose your own size). I used one of my nieces pillowcases as my piece. This is the back of the rug.
  • Cut up your used or new t-shirt scraps. I used different sizes. Mainly because I kept every piece of t-shirt I had from all my previous projects.
  • Take your underlay (the rectangular piece of fabric) and cut even slits through the entire underlay. Make 1 inch slits every 1/2 inch. Start on one side and cut even rows and columns. Make the columns about 1/2 inch together. The slits don’t have to be too big, about 1 inch long, just wide enough to fit your shirt scraps.

    DIY t-shirt rug tutorial

While making this project, I realized I needed more slots than what I originally made. So I started randomly cutting more slots. It really doesn’t matter where you put the slits because no one is looking at the back of your rug. It’s all about the front!

  • To make the rug, all you have to do is thread your t-shirt scrap through two slits and tie a knot. Keep doing this until your rug is completely filled. When you start tying the knots, you want to fill up all of the available open space.
  • As you keep advancing, you will notice holes. Simply add more t-shirt pieces in these holes. I like my carpet fuller. It turned out much better. This rug took me a few weeks. It is very time consuming but worth it in the end.

I hope you enjoy making your own t-shirt rug. Let me know if you have any questions about the making of the rug!

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