Diy Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Tutorial!

I’ve done a number of wine bottle projects in the past including my recent hummingbird feeders. There are so many interesting ways to breathe new life into a standard sized glass wine bottle. Until now I had no idea what to do with a large wine bottle. So there are four large clear bottles that sit unused in my collection.

I was inspired when Jennifer, one of my very smart friends, showed me a picture of a bird feeder made out of a wine bottle. We both loved the concept. We’ve chatted about how cute it is, but we’ve seen some issues with the functionality of the design. I kept thinking about the bird feeder idea and finally came up with my own design which is fairly inexpensive and doesn’t require any glass cutting.


  • big wine bottle
  • 6 inch square glass top (I found mine at the grocery store for less than $2)
  • 24-30 inch 12 gauge galvanized supply wire
  • silicone glue
  • dry erase pen
  • Ruler
  • Drill with a 1/8 inch glass and tile drill bit and a 1/2 inch glass drill bit
  • Tongs
  • wire cutter
  • safety goggles


Begin by washing and removing the label from your wine bottle.

My first attempt to fill this feeder turned out to be a disaster. The neck of the bottle is pretty narrow and I spilled bird seed everywhere. You can avoid my mistake by making a simple paper funnel so the seeds go into the bottle without all the mess. Much easier and cleaner.

If you’re wondering if the birds will like this type of food bowl… They look happy to me.

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