Ideas for recycling old picture frames

Old photo frames can be reused in many different ways instead of just displaying pictures in them. You will be amazed at how many ways you can use them and how beautifully they can be customized depending on how you use them. Check out the interesting ideas below to use those old frames and give them a whole new look.

Storage of stationery:

Attach old jeans bags to the frame and hang it on the wall. This can be used as stationery storage to store essentials. This can be placed in the study, near the phone books or wherever you think they will be most useful.

Bathroom amenities:

You can use old frames like shelves to place decorative things or even toiletries for easy display and retrieval when needed.

Door decoration idea:

This is a beautiful door decoration idea where you can transform an old photo frame like a wooden wreath in front of your door with an initial created from decoupage from old magazines. This one can be hung with the help of a large mesh or colorful ribbons to make it very attractive.

Jewelry storage:

Old frames can also be used to hang your fashion jewelry collection as they are not only used for easy storage but also allow you to display the beautiful collectibles.

key holder:

One of the most searched for things at home is a keychain and we often forget where we put it. You can use a frame to hang these keys with the help of hooks and put them all in one place without having to search later.

Nail polish storage:

Now you can organize the pretty colorful collection of all nail polishes neatly in a framed shelf where they also look very artistic and innovative. Just grab wooden shelves and nail colored storage space ready for it.

Shoe storage:

Large picture frames can be used to store shoes as you can simply attach thin wires to them and then hang the high-heeled shoes on them. This will look very different and innovative when placed in the entryway.

sunglass holder:

Some of us have a particular fondness for sunglasses and never get tired of them even after collecting a dozen of them, so why not display them beautifully in a frame?

Succulent Planter

You can upcycle an old picture frame and create an amazing succulent planter!

You need to create a box, fill it with soil and plant succulents.

This will be a perfect gift for your friend or a cute decoration for your room!

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