Interesting craft ideas for embroidery frames

If you think that embroidery hoops are just there to hold the fabric while embroidering then I think it’s high time you changed your mind and checked out these interesting ideas. These beautiful embroidery hoop crafts will impress you and make you want to try them at home right away.

Bird houses for your garden:

If you have a beautiful garden at home where small birds frolic, I think you can hang such a bird feeder to help them get something to eat. Use old plastic aquariums or round glass jars and you can hang them on the trees with the help of these embroidery frames.

Hanging centerpiece for your dining room:

Instead of using tall centerpieces that stand between the table and hide people from view, you can decorate the room with hanging centerpieces like these. It’s simple, decorative, beautiful and inexpensive too! Simply hang lace or crochet materials from the hoops and hang from above.

Macrame hangings

Pillow pins for your craft room:

Organize all the pillow pins in one place and you can design a pillow pin with embroidery hoop. Simply cover the cushion with colorful fabric and attach it to the hoops and it will look neat and decorative on the craft table.

earring holder:

We often get irritated by all the cluttered earrings and waste time looking for their pair, but you can organize them nicely and also display them like a wall art by using lace cloth and embroidery hoop.

stair decor:

Decorate the staircase with big bold words to make it look unique and beautiful on special occasions. You can sew or paint the letters on the fabric and hang them on the banister in perfect order; this will look pretty and interesting.

Storage of stationery:

Sew a fabric on the base fabric to be segmented according to your needs, and you can use the segmented space to store the stationery. This will look organized and creative on your work table.

Wall decoration:

Adorn the boring and plain walls with inexpensive embroidery hoops and some brightly colored fabric. This will instantly make the wall look bright and artistic as you can use old fabrics or lovingly designed fabrics to decorate the walls.

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