Old windows and shutters recycle ideas

Do you want to repurpose the old things at home? Well, then this blog about window reuse will interest you as these ideas make the end result look stunning. You can create various artistic things and even certain ideas that are most useful in your home. Listed below are some of the beautiful ideas that you can use to make use of the old windows at home.

Creative chalkboard idea for the entrance area:

This is one of the creative ways to use old windows as you can turn them into a panel that can be used in the entryway. This black board can be used in the entryway, but also in the kitchen or laundry room to write things down in different areas.

Hanger is entrance:

Check out this innovative and easy DIY coat hanger for your home entrance where you can easily make one using old windows. Simply attach hooks to the window pane and a coat hanger is ready to use.

Beautiful garden trellis with tall windows:

If you have some old French doors at home that have been sitting in the corner for days, you can give them a second chance by repainting them in beautiful colors and turning them into a garden trellis that looks like a window to the green home.

Pot rack for your modern kitchen:

How about this stylish pot rack for your modern kitchen? You can hang the window with the help of chains and some hooks attached to it and use it like a pot stand over the kitchen island. Not only will this give you extra space in the limited dining room, but it will also make it look very pretty.

Old window shop table:

You can make a rustic table out of the old shuttered windows by assembling them into a box with a lid covering the top. This can be used like a side table in the bedroom, living room or any avenue in your house to place flowers, photo frames, lamps etc.

Unique rustic table runner made from old window shutters:

You can use old windows as table runners instead of fabric and it will look stunning. This gives the table a very unique look and can hold some heavy pots and other decorative things on it.

Shabby chic headboard made from old shutters
Shabby chic headboard made from old shutters

room divider

Old window frame as a room divider
Old window frame as a DIY room divider

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