Pringles can recycle ideas – useful crafts

We all love to chew Pringles, but when you’re done with that you usually throw the can in the trash, but did you know you can make beautiful and useful crafts out of these Pringles cans? Check out the interesting ideas below and be ready to implement them at home if you have a can at home right away.

Accessory storage:

You can make a really nice jewelry organizer out of a Pringles tin!

Check out this creative accessory storage that saves us so much time untangling the necklaces from the jewelry box, but you may prefer to cover the Pringles tin with cardboard or any colorful fabric or paper you like, and then use pushpins or hooks to hang the necklaces .

Cookie container:

This is a very useful craft to avoid cracking cookies into pieces but to put them in Pringle cans. You can also wrap the tin in a beautiful colored gift wrap and tie it with a ribbon and give it to your loved ones.

flower vases:

You can spray pain, wrap it in fancy paper, or stick pretty rocks on your old Pringles cans!

Apply glue to the Pringles tin and then you can start gluing the marbles, shells or beads to the tin, neatly covering the entire surface. This looks decorative as a vase and you can then fill it with flowers.

Storage of shopping bags:

You can cover the Pringles tin with wrapping paper as usual, then poke a hole in the top of the lid and fill it with neatly rolled grocery bags as you can pull out one at a time if needed.

Noodle Container:

Not only can you store pasta in Pringles cans, you can store anything edible and dry!

Fill the Pringles cans with pasta as they stay put without breaking and you can easily grab a few steaks as needed. Also this type of cylindrical tall containers is very easy to store these types of noodles.

Colored pipe cleaner organizer:

Poke as many holes in the lid of the Pringles can and you can color the holes in the can to organize it according to the pipe cleaner color and save for future use.

ruler memory:

Pringle cans are very useful for storing the long rulers as they are tall and slim and also keep the work table organized. You can use these tins to store pencils, pens and other long stationery.

Yarn Storage:

Just like with the pipe cleaners, you can pierce a single handle for the yarn storage bundle instead.

Diy Planter Tower for your succulents

Be sure to seal your Pringles flower tower pot well so you can actually water your plants!

And. What’s your favorite Pringle Can Recycle idea?

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