Shadow Box Ideas + My DIY Coastal Shadow Box

Shadow Box Ideas + My DIY Coastal Shadow Box: This project is worth at least a dollar, that is, a sand dollar. Years ago on a trip to San Diego we splashed around at Coronado Beach, which is in front of the beautiful Hotel del Coronado. The day we were there, the beach was covered in more sand dollars than I had ever seen. There were big ones, small ones and everything in between. A few came home with us along with various shells and pebbles we collected during our morning beach combing. Sand dollars are quite delicate, so I decided a shadow box would be the perfect way to protect our sand dollars and preserve our memories.


  • 5 x 7 shadow box
  • Sand dollar or other souvenir
  • self-adhesive Velcro (only the hook side)
  • cardboard scraps
  • Pen
  • double-sided tape (optional)
  • Stamps (optional)


I got my shadow box from Michael years ago. I liked it because it had a kind of beachy, worn feel to it.

Take the back out of your shadow box and clean both sides of the glass.

If needed, attach a mounting bracket to the back of your shadow box.

Make a label of where and when you collected, found, discovered, and received your item.

I made mine using a 2″ square of off-white cardstock, a 2 1/4″ square of blue cardstock, and a 2 1/2″ square of textured tan cardstock. I used a light stamp in the background and wrote my label in black pen. Be creative and add your own style.

Carefully attach the hook side of your self-adhesive Velcro to the back of your tag and reminder.

Position your keepsake and tag on the back of the shadow box. The Velcro should hold the felt fabric well.

Gently lift the back panel to ensure your items are securely fastened and will not fall.

Place the back of the shadow box in the frame and secure.

Your shadow box is ready to hang on the wall. It can also be displayed on a shelf or table if you prefer.

Happy collecting!

Here are a few shadow box ideas for your inspiration, most of them are coastal as I’m in love with coastal design at the moment!

i love the beach These shadow boxes make me think of vacation!

If your closets are full of shells and rocks from many sandy vacations over the years, then you definitely need to make a seaside shadow box!

Vintage Shadow Box with tiny boxes that you can fill with cute objects!

You can show your guests every type of shell you have ever found!

I love how you can just use any wooden board to display all these sea creatures!

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