Argyle Sweaters

Croft & Barrow Argyle Sweater Soft pink and white on gray. Washed but never worn. Excellent condition, size L. croft & barrow Sweaters

The history of the Argyle pattern can be traced back to the 17thth Century. The word derives from the tartan of the Scottish clan Campbell, from which fabrics with check patterns, especially socks, were made. The diamond pattern consists of diamonds and diamonds that give the textile an elegant look. And because of its classic look, the argyle knitwear in the UK and then in the US became a trend fashion.

Now a fashionable youngster can not even think of a wardrobe in the Argyle jumper stuck. The Argyle sweaters are mainly made from wool because they store heat and provide warmth. Nowadays, they are also made with a blend of cotton and other synthetic fibers to achieve improved properties.

You can find Argyle sweaters in different shapes that are suitable for both men and women. Apart from the fact that they function as excellent pullovers, they also function as a beacon of class and elegance. Therefore, they can be found in almost every dapper or noble wardrobe in the world.

They are available to customers in various designs. Although they can be stowed, people seldom do so as this would affect the Argyle design.

The zippered or buttoned models are available with those that can be pulled up from above. The sweaters are also available in polo style, so the user does not have to wear a shirt in the sweater. Argyle sweater vests are also popular with fashion lovers as they can be worn over almost any type of shirt or trouser.

The Argyle sweaters have indeed made a statement in the fashion industry, albeit very strong, and will continue to do so in the years to come due to their comfort and elegant appearance.