Citizen Automatic Watches

Mens Citizen Automatic Watch Authentic Vintage (1971-1983) Authentic Men's Citizen Automatic Day & Date 21 Jewel Automatic Movements. Case is a beautiful silver tone thats apr.35mm. Refurbished orangie redish fire mist color dial. New watch band. Overall the watch looks and runs beautifully. Nice! $49 citizen Accessories Watches

Types of watches

Watches have undergone many changes over the years. Today we have many types of watches. These watches are suitable for different events, purposes and have many functions. Radium watches, automatic watches and multipurpose watches are some well-known types.

Citizen Watch

The citizen is a watch brand that meets the needs of watch users. People prefer Citizen watches because they are elegant and look good. They also have many new features. The citizen has succeeded in inspiring people for his watch varieties.

Automatic watches

Automatic watches are the latest trends in the watch market. These watches are known for their independent function without human help.