Citizen Promaster Watches

Sammlerst├╝ck CITIZEN Promaster NY0040-09W Leuchtkeks !!

New Citizen watches

The citizen is a company that produces outstanding watches. Their watches are very different from other manufacturers. That's why people like to buy watches from this company.

Promaster series

The promoter is a new watch series from Citizen. This series offers users stylish watches. The citizen is known for coming out with new and beautiful watch series. This series is no different.

New watch series

In this series you will see many new features. You will be amazed how beautiful this collection is. The variety of watches will blow you away.

This modern watch has a nice shape and size. It's a great watch that fits well in your hand. It makes your hand look big and wide. The watch has beautiful red hands.

This Promaster watch feels subtle. It has a nice shade of blue. It gives the watch a decent look. The belt of this watch is also pretty and strong. This makes the watch very good.

This beautiful watch from Citizen is known for its amazing features. It has luminous internals. It has radium pointers that allow you to see the time in the dark.

This high tech watch has a nice look. It's perfect for the geeky look you always wanted. It has a date display on one side. You can see the date and change it if necessary.