Designer Prom Dresses

Chic A Line Prom Dress Modest Elegant Cheap Long Prom Dress by MeetBeauty, $167.19 USD

The fashion is constantly changing. Our designers have a responsibility to meet the ordinary people with the latest trend. And keep them up to date on the fashion industry. We've put together the different types of ball gowns for every body shape to make you feel unique at the ball night. Here's the short explanation to find the perfect ball gown that suits your body shape:

Apple shape:

An apple-shaped girl wears his middle part comparatively heavier. They often have slim legs and a short waist. They need to emphasize their strengths, such as the legs and slender waistline, and hide the problematic areas like the heavy stomach. A dress with an empire waist will direct your eyes to your upper part. A full skirt helps camouflage the midsection. You should think about wearing short dresses to perform your sexy legs.


In the hourglass figure, your hips and chest are essentially the same circumference combined with a narrow waist. This type of figure gives you the curvy short form of the ideal figure that many designers and celebrities aspire to. Most designers design clothes for this body shape. You should try different sections; Especially the v-neck looks stunning on this figure. And avoid anything that falls over your waist, as this little waist is something you can be proud of.


In a pear-shaped structure, the hips are often larger than the bust with a well-defined waist. Your waist is your best asset, so you always tend to tune your waist and volume to your upper body and emphasize your lower body and hip area to create a balanced silhouette. Grab a strapless designer dress or A-line skirt to hide your big hips.

Heavy bust:

If you're a prom girl with a big bust, you may find it hard to shop for the formal event like the prom night. Getting a dress that flatters your body shape while giving it the sexy look that calms you is hard work. The designer dresses like halters and robes with straps are perfect for busty girls. And to draw attention to your smooth area, the long creamy legs choose a short or cocktail-length dress.

Rectangular body:

Rectangular girls wear a slim frame with very few curves. To look stunning on the prom night, you may want to create the look of a curvier figure. You need to draw attention to your bust. To achieve this, choose a dress with a decorated bust or a dress with empire waist to make your upper part an attractive point.