Jelly Shoes

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Do you remember these colorful, pretty looking and sparkling plastic shoes from your childhood? Do rubber boots ring a bell? Sure it is! You would have grown up with some of those who you possessed as a child in the 80s and 90s. Would you not want to relive those memories at a given chance?

To your surprise, the Jelly shoes are making quite a comeback with a full revival that adjusts to today's fashion trends. It is no longer just for children, but anyone can show it off in style!

An absolute highlight under the shoes

The most important thing first - you will definitely feel nostalgic and let the beautiful childhood memories pass again! They are made of plastic (essentially a material known as PVC - although recycled PVC is increasingly being used today). Okay, that may not sound very appealing, but if something looks so nice on your feet, why bother with what it's made of, unless it's harmful, right? And these will certainly not hurt your feet.

These shoes are transparent, they are super light and comfortable and low maintenance - what more do you want! Well, the list does not just end here, jelly shoes are available in bright colors and they look fantastic, whether it's a pair of flats or a pair of block heels or even plateaus. Yes, believe it or not, you will be able to choose from so many different varieties!

Showcase them in style

Are you wondering if these shoes fit your personality and style? Hell, they are jellies, how can they not look good on anyone! Wear it properly and you can wear it in a way that turns your head. Quite a few fashion designers and top shoe brands are becoming extremely creative with these shoes, as they may turn them into a horror in no time.

Some helpful tips:

  • Pair it with a bold pair of socks or a feminine or even with your pantyhose
  • Wear a high-contrast, colorful jelly to a monochrome outfit
  • You could also opt for the elegant, formal look - just wear the classic, black ones!
  • Step into a party with one of those glittering block-jelly jellies and see for yourself the eye-catching effect it has on the people around you
  • Do you want to showcase your pretty pedicured feet? Give them a nude look with these cute transparent shoes

Fancy a walk on the sandy beach? A walk in the park? Would you like to dance in the rain or have a pool party? Or do you just want to give your otherwise boring, formal look a twist? These shoes will always do justice to your style and complete it.