Kids Shoes

Adelisa & Co. leather shoes for babies and toddlers are made using 100%, genuine leather in a soft brown tone and have a flexible rubber sole. They are comfortable, versatile, and feature a timeless design making them your go-to leather shoe for your child this fall and winter. Whether it is exploring outside in the fresh air, or a celebration that calls for a dressier outfit, these Adeilsa & Co. genuine leather shoes are perfect for any adventure your little one takes them on.

Shopping for children's shoes has never been an easy task for the parents. In fact, it can be quite boring if you do not know exactly what to look for and what to avoid when buying a pair. Children deserve all the comforts of the world. Whatever you buy for them, better think about them to get the best.

Shoes that are of high quality, extremely comfortable, good value for money and look great should be viewed.

Better shoes for better health

When you're out and about to buy children's clothing, it depends a lot on how your child looks, although you also think about fit and comfort. But when it comes to children's shoes, you need to go one step further and remember that shoes have an impact on the overall health of a child.

The wrong pair of shoes can lead to imbalance or inappropriate alignment and cause permanent health problems. If the shoe is too tight, it can cause blisters and infections if worn all day long. When the shoes are loose, it will be unpleasant for your child's posture in the long run, not to mention the current discomfort it will feel.

What should be considered when buying children's shoes?

-The perfect measure: The shoes should not be too tight or too loose. They have to fit perfectly for the best results. So have your child's feet measured by the seller every time you buy your shoes. You can do a quick check yourself by pressing on the front of the shoe. Between the longest toe and the end of the shoe should be a distance of about 2.5 cm.

-The most pleasant: Look for shoes in which your child feels comfortable. He will walk around and play in them or go to school in them. Basically, these shoes will be on his feet while he performs many different activities. Uncomfortable shoes only hinder his actions.

-Shoes with closure: Yes, that's important too. Since a child is traveling most of the time, his shoes must have either shoelaces or a Velcro fastener or a buckle. Basically, any type of closure is fine, provided that the shoes do not slip under his feet. Avoiding slip-ons and backless shoes is a good idea until the teen years.

-Kids choice: It may not seem important to you, but a child starts having likes and dislikes at this age. It's nice to be aware of your preferences as a parent. However, you must reconcile it with all the other factors mentioned above.

Whether it's sneakers to play with or shoes for the choir concert at school, or shoes to buy for the upcoming camping trip - choose the right shoe for the right occasion, taking into account all of the above. Because a happy child means a happy you!