Long Sleeves

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Maxis a dress with long length, mostly liked by ladies of all ages all over the world. These maxis are available in different materials and styles. These maxims are considered as the party dresses and are designed in the following styles and cuts,

  • sundress
  • A-line
  • Empire waist maxis
  • Sheath style maxi

These maxis with long sleeve styles are available in the following materials,

  • Cotton
  • Jersey knit
  • rayon
  • Spandex
  • Polyester etc.

The maxis with long sleeves are thus designed with different neck styles that are suitable for people of different physiques, they include;

  • V-neck designs
  • Round Beck
  • High necked / scooped neck
  • Sweetheart neck design
  • Boated neck

These maxis are also offered by various brands and many of the top notch brands include; Calvin Klein, Vince Camuto, 24-7 Comfort Apparel, La Cera and Shop the Trends.


Along with the trend and design of the maxis with long sleeves it is also important to keep in mind the material and the durability of the cloth. Hand washable or suitable for dry clean. Many search maxis are stated as under;

  • Bandana maxi dress
  • Tie dye maxi dress
  • Quilt maxi dress with a floral print
  • Bohemian maxi dress
  • Flowing tank like maxi dress
  • Print designs maxi dress
  • Back knotted maxi dress
  • Floral V-necked maxi dress
  • Laced blouse maxi dresses with long sleeves
  • Long transformer maxi dress

All of these designs have been individually tailored to suit their needs.