Longines Chronograph Watch

1950’s Longines Wittnauer Chronograph Venus 188 watch Parts Repair. #watch #watches

If you like traditional watches, you'll love the Longines Chronograph Watch for its antique yet mirror-smooth appearance. Although the entire body is not silver, the band and stitches still have a unique antique look. Let us discuss in detail the technical specifications that you should absolutely go through before buying.

The shape is undoubtedly round, since the antique clocks are very popular with this form. Thus, the Longines Chronograph watch is no exception. The material is made of stainless steel, which ensures its resistance to rust.

The scratch-resistant glass of oxides keeps additional light away, which stops additional reflections. The back of the case is completely transparent and fitted with sapphire crystals. The dial has a dimension of 41 mm and withstands an enormous water pressure of 3 bar.

Let us now turn to the technical details. The mechanical winding wheel L688 with copper oscillator delivers 28000 vibrations in one hour and thus the displayed time is absolutely accurate. The Longines Chronograph watch has hour, minute and second hands that are comparable to smaller dials and even provide accurate time.

The white painted polished color and the lacquered Arabic numerals on the dial enhance the visibility when looking at the clock. The band consists of black alligator stripes. The price is also determined considering your budget. So you can buy a Longines Chronograph watch without having to worry about your expenses.