Maternity Jackets

Mimi Maternity Hooded Black Button Peacoat Jacket Classic peacoat style with attached good to keep you warm and comfortable. This Mimi Maternity jacket features three button detail down the upper torso which leaves the bottom plenty of room for a growing belly. Two oversized front pockets for keeping all your staples like keys, phone, and lipgloss. Size: Small Bust: 18” Length: 30” **All measurements are approximate.** Mimi Maternity Jackets & Coats Pea Coats

Maternity jackets or coats are considered very important clothes for pregnant women. A woman must wear this jacket not only during pregnancy but also in the post-pregnancy period before returning to normal weight.

Therefore, women must choose those maternity jackets that will not only make them look good, but will also keep them safe during and after pregnancy.

If you are looking for traditional yet versatile maternity jackets, you should opt for a long trench coat design. You can choose the detail either in the collar area or under the chest and watch out for darts and cuts in black.

This design helps to pull back from your coat to provide the flattering silhouette and a good shape to your body. Deep and dark colors are said to be great for versatility.