Plus Size Jeans

15 Pairs Of Plus-Size Jeans That Are Anything But Blah #refinery29

Those who are skinny women plus jeans look best on them. Any pair of jeans size 4, 0 or 2 fits easily with them. Let's go to women who have big fat. These women can opt for size eight or ten. The thin guy makes her look a bit sexy, because they look curvy. Now for the larger or plus size women can even go for the jeans.

For the tall woman, she should not opt ​​for the baggy jeans because she hides the figure. The baggy jeans make the women look even bigger than a tent. This type of dress makes the fat women look even bigger.

Next you have to choose the dark wash as the light wash adds inches to the thin women and adds more to the oversized women. While the dark plus size jeans help you look thinner.