Seiko 5 Military Watches

Each watch brand has special timepieces designed for military personnel. In fact, the challenges of the army or navy inspire watchmakers to provide the ideal time accessories for them. There are many clock pieces inspired by the military.

Features of Seiko military watches

The military watches of Seiko show special features and functions. They mainly offer large dials and retro styles. There are different functions as sub-dials on the clocks. See the pictures below to learn more about the interesting Seiko military watches.

Here are two copies from the Seiko 5 Military collection. The masculine design features a larger dial while both watches have similar features on the dial surface.

This Seiko 5 Military Watch offers several features. The date window and the time in minutes are made on the dial of the automatic movement with 21 jewels.

This particular Seiko 5 Military Series watch offers a golden and matte look paired with a similarly toned nylon strap. The watch also has water-repellent properties.

If you choose a Seiko 5 Military watch as found here, you will find that such a watch has the automatic 21 jewel movement with a date window on the dial.

The military green nylon strap of this Seiko 5 Military watch makes it an exquisite watch that will surely appeal to all military and enthusiast around the world.

Most watches in the Seiko 5 Military range feature nylon traps that are easy to strap on and resistant to moisture and dust. This is a model in black.