Seiko Skx Watches

SEIKO SKX009K1 AUTOMATIC 20 ATM #watch #watches

Seiko watches offer different functions and features. Like every esteemed watch brand, Seiko offers its own selection of clocks from the stable. There are different models to look at that suit the tastes and preferences of different men and women.

A series of watches for divers

If you look at the Skx watch series you will find that these watches are designed for divers. The water resistance of these watches is most pronounced. There are also other chronograph movements that are included in these watches. If you want to know more, take a look at the watch models shown here.

This diving watch from Seiko features distinctive illuminated markers and dial hands. The chunky stainless steel bracelet offers a versatile watch that can also be worn on formal occasions.

This picture shows how the watches of the Seiko Skx series look on the wrists of the wearers. The illuminated dial makes it a well readable clock.

This picture shows what the dial looks like in the front. There is a rotatable bezel with tachymeter function and a date window on the dial at the three o'clock position.

Here you can see the different versions of Seiko Skx watches that are popularly found. While one has a bezel in black, the other has a bezel in black and red so divers can easily read the clock.

This standard model from the Seiko Skx watch series highlights the black dial, which has luminescent markers and hands, as well as a bezel with white numerals and a steel bracelet.