Seiko Tuna Watches

Seiko Tuna Solar—A good pick for a durable & eco-friendly watch! #strapcode #MiLTAT #IwantStrapcode

Seiko Tuna is a large selection of quartz wristwatches known for their unparalleled style and unparalleled appearance. This is something that attracts young people because they feel it is something that really defines their personality.

Wristwatches are considered important and indispensable commodities. The recording of time is required to maintain the pace of work and life. In this regard, wristwatches have different modes and variants, all aimed at serving the different tastes of people. Seiko Tuna is one such variety, with a metal dial and a rubber band, while providing comfort and style.


The following features illustrate the power of this great watch.

The watch comes with a round dial that improves visibility.

It is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable enough to cope with any situation.

The case diameter is approx. 48 mm and the thickness approx. 1.47 mm.

The dial window is black and made of Hardlex material.

It is supplied with rubber bands that are really comfortable to wear for a long time without causing skin irritation.

The watch displays both date and day on the dial to aid the user's orientation.

It is waterproof and can easily withstand water pressure of up to 300 meters.

Seiko Tuna is a true symbolism of youthfulness. The overall design and appearance clearly matches the setting and redefines the personality in a new language. Metallic finish with rubber bands gives it a cozy look. The analog clock in a digital age with all its features gives it the rare status of an antique that people always like to carry around with them.