Seiko Velatura Watches

SEIKO VELATURA Yachting Timer Chronograph WATCH 7T84 Alarm Date Dual Time

The Seiko Velatura watch is made of pure stainless steel and comes with rubber bands for a comfortable outfit. It is a true symbol of style and so-called design has been specifically designed to be one step ahead of the race.

Wristwatches are something that people encounter at any moment. However, the choice to wear them varies from person to person, as two of them do not have the same choice and preference. Seiko Velatura is one of the most luxurious watch collections, with a rose gold plated luminous hands designed specifically to give the contemporary style a brand new look.


Seiko Velatura has a bunch of features that set it apart from the crowd.

It is equipped with Kinetic drive technology, which is considered the latest technology in the latest watches.

It comes with both manual winding and with automatic time setting.

It has a built-in drive indicator that shows the amount of power generation and the accumulated current.

It is available with black dial and the hands are laminated to ensure visibility in the dark. The hour positions are marked in points.

The minute markers are near the outer edge.

It is equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

There are two separate power controls that show the day and the reserve power.

It is waterproof and withstands pressures of up to 300 feet.

It has a solid housing to protect the watch from mechanical damage.

Seiko Velatura is a great watch when it comes to style and technological application. It's something that goes way beyond time and is seen as the future version of an analog clock that is equally eye-catching without compromising on quality and durability.