Swiss Eagle Watches

$450.00 Our Swiss Eagle Altitude “SE-9020-33” Chronograph watch with a Swiss made quartz Chronograph movement with Date will keep the complements coming! Style and Structure are two major qualities of this wonderful Swiss Eagle watch!

Swiss Eagle watches are normally designed for use in three different conditions, including water, air and normal use. Therefore, it is something that offers both style and technological support.

Eagle is a bird known for its versatility to track high-altitude prey with pinpoint accuracy. The same applies to the Swiss Eagle watches. It is known for its elegant look and the classic metallic finish that puts the consumer at the center. These are available in three different versions to meet the different needs of people. The watches are equipped with the latest technological additions required by humans.


The following features are common to all watch types offered under the brand umbrella.

The watches are delivered with a metallic finish made of stainless steel. It makes them durable and protects against rust and other forms of environmental corrosion.

The straps are available in both metallic and leather styles to suit the user's different preferences.

The minute and hour hands are laminated to improve visibility in the dark.

The dials provide a good contrast to the visibility and thus improve the overall appearance of the clock.

The watches are waterproof and can withstand the water pressure to a certain extent.

The watches are delivered with built-in tachymeter and chronograph.

The watches are waterproof and designed specifically for extreme environmental conditions.

Swiss Eagle Watches was able to create a unique brand for the company. It is all designed for the watches, which are equipped with a number of functions that can be used to meet every single need of the user quickly and accurately. With so much to affordable prices, the variety was able to capture a significant market share.