Tennis Shoes

You can not just go down to the tennis court with your usual shoes and play a game of tennis. At least this is not recommended. First, it poses a major health risk and increased risk of injury, and it would cause discomfort and restrict your movements. That's why you really need tennis shoes. Good does not necessarily mean that you have to look for a brand name. There are many more important things to keep in mind.

What should be considered when buying a tennis shoe?

Shoes are one thing that requires absolute comfort. With this factor, you can not compromise, whether it's a casual shoe or a specific sports shoe. Sports shoes have to be extremely comfortable, because you not only run around in it, but constantly runs and jumps around.

Given the many different brands and variety available on the market today, choosing the right pair of tennis shoes can be a bit difficult. Some notes below should be helpful:

Easy and handy

Lightweight shoes always have an advantage over your in-game performance compared to bulky shoes. Simply put, they enable fast movements without which you can not play tennis very well, right?

These intense movements increase the likelihood that you will slip or twist your ankle. Therefore, a firm grip on the shoes is very important. The sole of the shoe must be made of a high quality material to meet this need.

Flexibility and durability

Another important aspect is the flexibility. Try different shoes, run and jump around in them, and you should have a good idea of ​​whether a shoe is flexible enough or not. A simple test could be to bend the shoes with your hands, and he should make it easy.

Durability is the next factor you want to consider. Agree that the wear of the shoe when playing tennis inevitably occurs due to the strenuous movements. However, this does not mean that you need a new pair every few days. How many people can afford it? Of course, if the shoes are not in excellent condition, it is not advisable to play with them for long, and this increases the likelihood of injury / accidents on the court.


Your feet also need to breathe. This feature is more important for people who often sweat heavily. Constant sweaty feet can lead to infections that unnecessarily force you to sit out of the square for a while. Even sweaty feet can smell strong and cause embarrassment.

Research, read some reviews, try a few different brands, and then choose your tennis shoes, as there is no option to endanger your health.