Timex Digital Watch

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Most Timex watches are equipped with digital technology. That's what makes Timex watches unique. There are several features of the digital watches of this brand.

Features of Timex digital clocks

Timex offers digital clocks with more convenient features. The dial is equipped with the Indigo technology, which ensures that the dial luminesces even in low light conditions. The digital clocks also have stopwatch and alarm functions as well as various modes. If you want to see the different models of Timex digital watches, take a look at the following images of Timex's various collections and ranges.

This Timex digital watch has a large square dial. The time is displayed in hour, minute and second format. The date is also displayed and the watch has a water-resistant technology.

There are different digital clock models from Timex. This special model of the expedition series offers among other things various functions such as temperature, weather forecast, altimeter and stopwatch.

This digital watch from Timex belongs to the Ironman Triathlon series. It comes with start and stop buttons and various modes that can be easily selected with the buttons on the side.

This is a smart Timex digital watch from the Ironman series. It has a gray accented watch case and blue buttons for easy operation by athletes.

This special Timex watch features a digital interface and features chronograph functions. The digital clock shows time, day, date and other functions such as stopwatch and timer on the surface.

This digital watch from Timex is part of the expedition watch series of this brand. It has an analog and digital movement along with temperature, date, altimeter and other features.

These Timex digital watches offer a unique dial with Indigo technology. The steel bracelets of the watches are held in these models in gold and silver tones.