Timex Expedition Watch


Timex recognizes the needs of experts and professionals who need to complete expeditions and outdoor assignments. To meet the needs of such professionals, Timex offers several key sensors and functions for the watches.

The expedition watch range

The expedition watches have several unique features. The dials and watch cases are equipped with numerous chronograph movements and sensors. There are essential functions like timer, date window, altimeter, barometer and other functions in different models of this series. If you want to know more, take a look at the different models in this range, as shown below.

This expedition watch has a rugged look with a military inspired bracelet and a gray watch case. The Tachymeter on the outer dial and the 24-hour format on the inner dial are some of the different features of this watch.

This Timex Expedition watch looks sporty and feels that way too. With a light yellow resin bracelet, sub-dials are like a speedometer in a car, which are mounted on a large dial and allow easy reading.

This Timex Expedition watch model is a sober and polite specimen. The gray-silver case of the watch comes with white hands and simple, large numbers as indices.

This Timex Expedition series watch has a white-silver tone on the watch case and is combined with a leather strap. The screwed watch case and the Indiglo technology make this watch unique.

For men who love big dials, this Timex Expedition watch offers multiple functions on a large black dial. The time in analogue and digital format is visible and equipped with an alarm function. A bracelet is attached to the brown-tinted steel case. The watch has an analog and a digital movement.