Timex Global Trainer Watches

NWOT Timex Ironman Triathalon watch This is the ultimate training tool!! It is a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and GPS with global trainer bodylink system. Measures speed, pace, and distance in more real time. Helping improve performance. Water resistant Timex Accessories Watches

Those who train for triathlon or marathon events need consistent equipment to plan their runs, record their number of laps, and other details. Heart rate monitoring is also an important requirement for athletes.

The Global Trainer series from Timex

This is a timepiece from the Ironman collection of Timex designed to meet the needs of runners. You can look at the feature-rich models in this series and find one that suits their needs. This Timex watch series, with its contemporary look and easy-to-read digital interface, must be considered by all athletes.

Take a look at this watch from the Timex Global Trainer range. There are four different windows on the dial that show the tempo, distance, time and heart rate at a glance.

This watch from the Timex Global Trainer series offers a sophisticated heart rate monitoring band. It is a digital clock that needs to be charged via a USB charger supplied with the watch.

This is a typical example of a Timex Global Trainer watch. The speed is measured in real time thanks to the GPS technology integrated in the watch and the distance. The time is displayed in fractions of a second.

The Timex Global Trainer watches are equipped with the GPS technology shown above. The strap is easy to put on with an adjustable clasp and the various mode buttons are blue on the side.

This is a Timex Global Trainer watch with a round dial that provides all the key facts that are useful to a runner. The band supplied with this watch monitors the heart rate and updates the watch.

For different versions of Timex Global Trainer models, see the three examples above with different dials and features.

A Timex Global Trainer watch does not compromise on looks, as the fit of the strap and case design shows. The futuristic buttons on the case and the dial surface make it a great watch.

If you are looking for a Timex Global Trainer watch, choose the Ironman collection. This collection contains watches of this sub-series and also shows the GPS technology.