Timex Heart Rate Monitor Watches

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If you want to have a heart rate monitor, you can do so with a Timex watch. There are different watch models from the Timex collection that measure heart rate.

Watches that measure heart rate

Take a look at the Timex Ironman collection or Timex 1440 series watches. Watch models in these collections contain multiple measurement features, including heart rate monitoring applications. Several combination clock models are available in these watch ranges. Take a look at the different Timex models with heart rate monitoring.

Those who walk or jog must measure their heart rate along with timer or alarm and stopwatch functions. This Ironman watch model is perfect for such functions and measurements.

This Ironman watch comes with a dedicated heart rate monitor. With this sporty watch model, you not only get such a monitor, but also alarm and stopwatch functions.

A wrist-worn watch can measure heart rate over the pulse. This unique technology was used by Timex and this Ironman watch model shows such a feature.

To measure your heart rate on the go, wearing the right Timex watch is crucial. Keep track of your heart rate with this simple silver Timex watch design.

This Ironman watch not only monitors your heart rate but also shows other features such as heart rate monitor, alarm clock and stopwatch. Such a watch is a must for athletes.

If you want to monitor your heart rate, this gray, sporty model from the Ironman collection will surely live up to your expectations. It comes with a sophisticated heart rate monitoring base.

Those who run triathlons need a versatile watch to help them keep their time, monitor their heart rate, and perform other important functions. All these features are offered by this Ironman Triathlon Watch.