Timex Military Watch

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Many watches of Timex are distinct designs and styles and cater to distinct customer segments. There are watches designed for the athletes as part of the Ironman collection. There are casual watches for youngsters as part of the Weekender collection. The Expedition range of watches feature rich timepieces for the experts and professionals who are on different expeditions.

The Military watch features

There are several designs which are inspired by the Military. These Timex watches have distinct watch designs and accessories as well as functions incorporated into them, keeping in mind the needs of the militia and for those who would like to flaunt such watch styles.

This military watch from Timex offers a large round dial in two colors on the watch dial, of the hour and day format.

This military watch from Timex offers a dark olive green tone in the nylon, water resistant strap as well as in the watch case. The black dial and white hour markers stood out on the dark dial.

This is a variant of the military watch and dial shade.