Timex Weekender Watches

Timex Weekender Oversized Chrono

It is well known that the Timex group has launched several legendary watch collections. While the focus is mainly on outdoor and fitness watches or those used for expeditions, there is a fun and causal series that Timex has launched and continues to be successful around the world.

The Timex Weekender collection

This timepiece collection is dedicated to the rich and complex timepieces of other collections. This watch series features easy-to-read dials and replaceable bracelets. They are intended for carefree young adults and teens. Take a look at the different models of this collection.

This is a classic Weekender watch from Timex. It features a silver dial with a luminous interface. The nylon strap is provided with blue and red stripes and is therefore suitable for both men and women.

This weekender watch is fun with blue. The playful combination of blue and white is great and makes for a cool watch that goes well with jeans over the weekend.

For those who also need to work weekends, this weekender watch model offers a sober and understated look with a gray-brown nylon strap and a silver watch case.

This weekender watch offers a colorful combination with the interchangeable bracelet with yellow, red and blue stripes around the edges. You can also opt for other watch straps.

Here are two models of the Timex Weekender collection. The silver-colored, round dial looks feminine with the red bracelet and masculine with the navy blue.

A classic weekender watch with navy blue and red stripes. This watch is a great pattern for the individual and goes well with casual wear over the weekends.