Timex Ws4 Watches

Timex ws4 Timex Ws4 timex expedition ws4 ( wide screen 4 function ) t49665 MLPPQEA

The Timex watch range for expedition experts offers detailed features and functions. The watches focus more on the internal sensors and functions than on the exterior style and design.

What awaits you from the WS4 series?

The Timex WS4 series is part of the Expedition watch collection. These watches have different functions and features. If you plan to go on an expedition where you need to monitor temperature, altitude, time and other factors, you should consider these watches. Take a look at the models listed below for an idea.

This Timex Ws4 watch has a wide, rectangular dial. The buttons and functions on the screen are highlighted in olive green. It has an alarm, stopwatch and temperature function on the dial.

This watch from the Timex Ws4 series is available in a vivid orange tone. It is certain that every expedition wardrobe you plan on gets a dash of color and helps with multiple measurements.

The illustration above shows two models of the Timex Ws4 series. The dials have different shapes. One is a round watch case, while the other has a military design that caters to the different tastes of men.

The Timex Ws4 watch, as shown above, offers several functions and sensors on the widescreen display. In addition to the time, it shows the temperature, can predict weather and even has altimeter functions.