Vigoss Jeans

Women Vigoss Jean size 13/14 Women Vigoss Jean size 13/14 Vigoss Jeans

Vigoss jeans are authentic jeans that are very popular nowadays. To use them longer, you need to wash them properly. Otherwise, their fabrics will become weak, ruining them.

If you're a washing machine fan, you need to know it's not a good idea to spin your Vigoss jeans in the washing machine as it swells the fibers of the cotton fabric, which in turn shrinks the jeans. In addition, the color fades with every wash.

Hand washing is the best option, but nobody has much time for it. That's why we've developed a method that lets you wash your jeans in the washing machine without damaging them.

First and foremost, make sure you wash all your jeans in a single, separate load. You must use a gentle wash cycle so that the fibers are not moved too much. Use cold water to wash the jeans and remove the jeans immediately after washing.

When it comes to drying your Vigoss jeans, you need to do so at low dry heat. Just follow these instructions the next time you want to wash your jeans and enjoy them much longer.