Wedding Shoes

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Would you like to make a fashion statement on your wedding day? Then you have to pick the right shoes! After all, every bride on her big day dreams of being Cinderella, do not you agree? Nowadays, shoes are almost as important as the wedding dress. Gone are the days when nobody noticed what shoes you wore under this beautiful dress. These days, it's about showing off these shoes in style and making a statement.

Choosing the right wedding shoe is an important step in wedding planning. You can not just go to a store and pick the one that's most eye-catching. You also have to consider certain practical aspects when choosing one. Some references below should help.

Comfort and fit

When choosing a shoe, you should not sacrifice comfort. And you have all the more reasons to choose the most comfortable one that suits you perfectly when it comes to a very special day in your life.

heel height

If you had the choice, you would immediately think of wearing one of those sexy-looking shoes with heels 7 to 8 inches high, right? Better said than done. Imagine it, you have to stay in these shoes for a few hours. Walk down the hall with absolute ease and comfort when 200 eyes are on you.

The nervousness of the big day is too big. So why not let your beautiful feet be happy all the time while dealing with as much balance as a bride should? Better choose a medium heel (4 to 5 inches) that is super comfortable and also lets your feet breathe. Block heels with glitter are pretty trendy nowadays if you want to try something different. Otherwise, the classic high heels are always there for you and offer hundreds of different options.

Colors and ornaments

White has always been the darling of the brides. File, silver, wedding shoes! If you want to be courageous, put on a dress with a blushing hue and a colorful shoe to complement it perfectly.

To give your bridal look a touch of princess, you can decorate either on the heels or on the front with beautiful ornaments. Lace with floral appliqu├ęs could be another way to add that feminine touch. Remember, if you really spice up your shoe, keep the dress rather plain.

Whether you are a traditional bride or a modern bride, perfect wedding shoes will make your Cinderella look perfect on your big day