Women Blouses

Tied Button Detail Dots Casual Shirt

Blouse presents a woman who looks very feminine and was specially developed for the women's world. Over time, the designs change, and the fashion world tends to pick new designs with a fresh new style.

Women's blouses are usually cotton, silk and linen. Although they serve a variety, but with different colors and designs. Most blouses are considered summer friendly and have a loose organic look.

Types of women's blouses:

Everyone often knows that women do not wear the same designs and do not have the same style; They change their styles and designs through innovation. When designing, they do not forget to keep up with the trends.

In the summer they grabbed a thin top or a tunic, in spring and autumn a floral print and in winter are considered Wolloberteile as the best choice. If you want to follow the trend, take a look at these types of women's blouses and choose the one that fits your personality and fit:

Blouse with buttons: Gradually this has become a more popular style. They go well with business suits, skinny jeans, pants and a skirt. You can dress up on request. Different designs and colors are available, which you can choose according to your taste and preferences.

Tank Top: Tank tops come with thin stripes for a snug fit. In summer you can wear it easily and wear a jacket over it in winter. It is usually close to the stomach.

Halter style: Women's blouse also comes with a halterneck style. This bodice is tied in the back and usually shows your shoulder and armpit. It's the perfect outfit for an evening party. It looks at a woman with tight arms and narrow shoulders.

Completely wrapped: These blouses are often printed and look elegant, perfect for spring. It covers your entire upper part in a stylish way and comes almost in a belt shape. To skinny jeans it looks elegant.

Peasant Blouse: This cool, casual and comfortable blouse with square neckline and puffed sleeves was originally recognized as a peasant blouse. But today there are many designs with many different patterns and shades. They often have embroidery. Rustic tops look great with tight-fitting jeans and wedge heels.

Caftan Top: It is considered suitable for most occasions. Whether you are on the beach or planning a night or even an evening party, you can wear it fearlessly. It looks stylish and elegant with any kind of floor.

Ruffle Blouse: Girls are not afraid to show off their romantic look with a frilly blouse. It gives you a cute girlish look with ruffles at the neckline. Smaller bust girls can benefit from voluminous ruffles and look thicker.