Bracelet Design

Use the fun Duets SuperDuo seed beads to create our new beadwoven Zip It Up bracelet design! It's the perfect bracelet to wear with your denim this season!

A large number of consumers in different markets nowadays tend to produce products that allow them to make individual adjustments. Be it the outside of a car, a sports shirt or a piece of jewelry, the opportunity to personalize your belongings is a good prospect. In this way, the buyer can engrave his personal trademark on clothing and distinguish himself from the results of others using the same product brand. Due to the same trends, the bracelet design as an active market has constantly received new impetus. Did you know that as of today, there are several service providers that allow you to design your entire wristband from material to shape to size and texture?

But this plethora of choices also poses a problem. How do you ensure that your bracelet design is just right, fits in a circle of fashion, and fits in perfectly with your outfit? This is where we come in, with a simple yet efficient guide to making your bracelet just right.

Begin the process by selecting the skeletal shape of your bracelet. This can be a circular, rectangular, or other geometric shape, and you should make that decision taking into account the size of your arm and your personal instinct. Next come color and texture. These elements are complementary and must be treated the same. Try different color and texture combinations and find out exactly what suits you best. After this is done, the buyer now has the opportunity to complete the bracelet with extensions such as trailers or trailers. These can be quite confusing. If you are not looking for a fancy bracelet, you should keep it simple and elegant. Before you confirm your design, take a good look at it and tailor it to your outfits.