Citrine Bracelet

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Bracelets are ribbons that are worn by both sexes on the wrist, but are worn more by women than by men. Women sometimes do not like to wear bracelets, and for some garments bangles do not match in such cases. Bracelets are the best options that are in fashion and more in line with modern dresses.

Bracelets are available in both traditional and modern designs and you can choose them according to your wishes. Bracelets are available in simple designs of gold, silver, platinum as well as in metal, rubber and plastic.

They come in simple designs and sometimes with stones like diamonds and gemstones. Such a gemstone is called citrine and bracelets made from these stones are available in large quantities. These stones are the birthstone of the people born in November. It used to be said that wearing ornaments with citrine stones causes a lot of positive vibrations and therefore the wearing of citrine bracelets brings a lot of positive energy.

When wearing a citrine bracelet, it must always be worn in the receiving hand, which is the left hand rather than the dominant hand. Since it is believed that wearing a citrine bracelet in the receiving hand brings more prosperity.

Citrine bracelets are of different colors like golden citrine, lemon quartz, maderia citrine, palmeria citrine and yellow citrine. Citrine bracelets come with different patterns like citrine cluster bracelets that we find in India. They are made of citrine mini chips with mini pearls, which are gathered in the form of a bracelet in the rubber band. Other patterns such as three to four strands of citrine bracelets, silver citrine stone flower bracelets, citrine multi-bead bracelets, citrine silver prison bracelets, and more. Try the unique pattern of these bracelets and look classy.