Gemstone Bracelets

NEW ITEM! Stimulate the balancing of your chakras by using this Chakra Bracelet. There are seven major Chakras, or energy centres, in our bodies. Each gemstone bead in this bracelet corresponds with one of the Chakras. The Chakra gemstones are: (1st) Red Jasper, (2nd) Carnelian, (3rd) Calcite, (4th) Green Aventurine, (5th) Amazonite, (6th) Sodalite (7th) Amethyst.

Bracelets are among the fashionable and trendy accessories worn by most of us and are rarely considered as traditional jewelry. Bracelets can be worn for all types of clothing such as modern and traditional clothing. Bracelets are available in a variety of patterns and designs that will work well with all your garments, including jeans, saris, salwar, skirts, and more. In general, bracelets that are self-made with pearls or simple silver or bronze are the ones that go with modern garments. But if one has decided to buy gemstone bracelets and studded with colorful stones, it is matched with traditional clothing.

Gemstone bracelets are usually available in different colors and each stone has certain positive characteristics. Here are some of the most common gemstones that come in the form of stones as well as pearls that you can buy. They are amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, carnelian, citrine, chrysoprase, coral, emerald, garnet, lolite. Jasper, moonstone, onyx, pearls, ruby, sapphire, sodalite, topaz and more. People say that they wear their gemstone, otherwise commonly known as the birthstone, because it is believed that wearing the right gem brings in positive energy.

Here are just a few stones and their positive characteristics. Amethyst brings more sobriety and helps to recover from addiction, coral increases the physical energy, garnet cleanses the body and strengthens the imagination. Likewise, each of the gems has a positive attribute. So, if you are wearing a gemstone bracelet or other jewelry made of gemstones, choose the one that corresponds to your birth month.

Gemstone bracelets come in a single row and a double row in gold, silver and other metals too. These bracelets are available in bangle, chain and sometimes with small suspensions. Likewise, gemstone bracelets are available in various sizes, such as really slim, thick and medium. You can choose it according to the occasion and clothes you want to wear.