Gold Watches For Men

Patek Philippe Calatrava Mechanical-Hand-Wind Male Watch 96R (Certified Pre-Owned)

Gold watches for men are usually worn to illustrate a person's social status in society. Golden watches are worn because they have a different appearance and represent the power.

However, gold watches for men are favored and worn more frequently by older people and young dandies. However, it is rare for teens to wear such watches. Because teens feel that they are no longer in fashion and probably will not fit all garments. But steel watches are considered more fashionable and trendy.

As mentioned earlier, gold watches for men are generally associated with older, richer people. But now things have changed and it is important to realize that they are more fashionable and more economical than previous ones.

Here are some good reasons why men should buy and wear gold watches.

  • First, gold watches are certainly very noble compared to any other metal. Gold watches, unlike other metals, are very quick to spot, so you do not have to do much to show off. The color is such that it is bright and therefore easily perceived. But remember to choose the right design.
  • Unlike other watches, these watches are durable and do not break as fast as a theft. But it's important to buy premium gold watches and not the cheap ones.
  • After all, a person wearing a gold watch that is of premium brand, expensive and of good quality is certainly a matter of reputation.
  • Another important aspect are the matching shoes. If the gold watch is tinted brown or silver, they match brown shoes. If it is completely gold, you should buy more sand-colored shoes

There are some things to keep in mind when men wear gold watches;

  • Avoid wearing gold watches with elegant or sumptuous dresses as visibility allows, preferably with evening wear or some casual casuals
  • Make sure the sleeves of the shirt are not too long to cover the watch
  • If men wear ethnic clothing with costume necklaces, you should refrain from doing so, as this can lead to a sticky appearance.