Gothic Jewelry

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Gothic jewelry are those designs that are inspired by contemporary gothic architecture. This jewelery came into fashion after the fall of Romanesque jewelery. This transition from Romanesque to Gothic fashion took place very gradually, and these pieces of jewelry are very delicate as they used to be, and they had ornaments with engraved human figures. These pieces of jewelry are more inspired by architectural designs and the design has its detailing and clarity.

The Romanesque jewelry had a round shape, but the Gothic jewelry is sharper and the styles of Gothic jewelry are more stylish and elegant. Gothic jewelry usually filled with gemstones and other gemstones.

Gothic jewelery used to be worn mainly by French and Burgundian people who were the members of the court, but now it is worn by each of us and is considered cool jewelry.

Gothic jewelry comes in the form of brooches, finger rings, belt buckles, earrings, chokers, bracelets and watches. This could also be given as a perfect gift. Below are explanations of some gothic jewelry.

Gothic cufflinks and buttons: These are available for both men and women and can be worn with their format clothing. These could be worn for those who want to get a gothic touch in their outfit. An attractive cufflink is always an eye-catcher.

Gothic Belt Buckles: We always adorn ourselves with all kinds of accessories like rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. And to look great, you can opt for gothic belt buckles that are one of the most important jewels of the Middle Ages. This is a secure accessory that you can buy if you want to add a touch of gothic to your look.

Gothic bracelets: In general, these bracelets are made of pewter and with motifs such as skull, bat, vampire and more.

Gothic Chokers: These are generally worn close to the neck, unlike other necklaces and necklaces. They come in pewter or with other metals and the center of the choker is studded with a single large gem, which is in general style.

Gothic earrings: They come in all shapes and forms like studs, hoops, dangle and more.