Hair Brooch

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Hair brooch is a decorative piece of jewelry that keeps hair part of the hair or full hair closed. These hair brooches are available in metal, silver, gold and other materials. Earlier hair broaches were treated or considered as wedding accessories, but the trend has changed. You can wear the hair brooch for any occasion, for example for an evening party, a wedding, dinner or even in summer in casual clothes.

But undoubtedly wearing a hair brooch will surely give a unique and elegant look to any party. They are richly decorated, noble and always affordable. We have to choose the right opportunity for the right hair brooch, which gives the whole look a great glamor.

Generally the brooch will be delivered with beads, stones, pearls, flowers, ribbons and much more. These brooches come with several pens, sometimes two and sometimes a single peg. You can choose based on the type of hairstyle you will do.

Here are some types of hair brooches that we see on different occasions;

  • A pearl or rhinestone studded brooch is the perfect choice for a Christian wedding.
  • The corset hair frog is made of silver and crystals with a touch of pearls that fit perfectly to a nice bun. The bride usually wears her with a dress for a Christian wedding
  • This Kundan-style clip fits in perfectly with traditional clothing, as the jewelery is also made of Kundan stones.
  • Golden Floral Bunny: This is a brooch with a golden touch, set with golden stones or sometimes yellows. These match perfectly with the clothing, which also has gold tones. This is usually worn over the hair.