Handmade Necklaces

Faceted amazonite drop on sterling necklace. Lobster clasp.Handmade in USA. Adjustable to 18L. #handmadejewelry

Handmade jewelry will always have a special touch and especially if it comes to handmade necklaces, it is a special piece and has a sentimental value. Since handmade necklaces are made after consideration of the design, the style, the color, one would like.

Here are some ideas we can all try;

  • Choose simple pearl necklaces with three to four layers and some colorful beads, a trendy necklace that fits perfectly with modern clothing.
  • An eye-catching neckpiece that can be chosen by making braided ropes, preferably in a light color such as purple, orange and pink, that are classic and bright when combined with an open white top
  • To add a little ethnic touch, try multicolored pearls that cover a whole round of silver and a simple rope.
  • White pearl necklaces are the easiest and easiest to make. You can create a single layer or multiple layers. You can mix and match with different color beads for change. This fits perfectly with traditional clothing.
  • Two stands of breaded crochet chains in white-black mix are another beautiful handmade necklace that can be given to mothers. The color combination fits most outfits.

Some reasons why girls today prefer hand-made necklaces rather than machined necklaces are: Quality Assurance as they are custom-made, and the craftsmen spend a lot of time and carefully focus on every piece they make. Known for its uniqueness unlike machines, where the same pattern is available in ten to twenty pieces. Therefore, if you choose a handmade necklace, it is very rare for you to find another person wearing the same type of necklace. The purchase and use of handmade necklaces promote the creativity of craftsmen. This is also a kind of encouragement to design more designs for handmade necklaces.