Huggie Earrings

Complete your accessories with a few solid gold earrings. Our beaded sapphire hoops, black and white sapphire huggies and duo topaz studs make a great combo.

Huggies itself stands for Huggers, which are worn in pierced ears. Huggie earrings get this because it was designed for the purpose of embracing their ear. Huggie earrings are made of different metals, whether expensive or cheap. This earring is a kind of hug that allows you to open or close the earring when you take it back. The usual shape of the earring is a heart or a rectangle. People can order to make in any form in a corresponding jewelry store. This is a common earring that has been an enthusiasm for women of all ages.

Huggie earrings are of any size. You can hang to the shoulder or touch the beauty bones. This huggies may be short and does not touch the shoulder. The Huggie earring is made of a metal like usual gold, platinum, etc. and a substitute of gems, rubies, especially diamonds or other gemstones, which increase the cost of the earring. Unlike stud earrings, women are enthusiastic about buying Huggie earrings of all ages. Women like to make their earring according to their interest in different shape and size depending on the purpose.

Huggie earrings complement Indian women with beautiful saree with a high-necked blouse. A low top or blouse with high heels looks stunning. Huggie earrings look like a hanger that moves when walking. If she puts a roll over her head, her earring will be better brought to bear. And if she leaves her hair open, big earrings should be worn. Huggies earrings can be found in all jewelry shops. Nowadays, all kinds of earrings like Huggie Earrings are purchased on the online site. There are many authentic brand jewelry that sell the beautiful collection of Huggie earrings. There are many abandoned online sites to buy these.