Jade Bracelet

Vintage 14k YG Jadeite Jade & Carved Jadeite Circles Curved Bracelet, 8″

Jade has healing properties and energy because it has metaphysical properties. It is also referred to as a dreamstone that has the capacity for spirituality, stimulates creativity and solves dreams. Jade wristbands are pieces of wrist that are worn with any outfit to make sure they are easily noticed. It is also quite noticeable. The shape of this type of bracelets is popular as beads, stretched, cuff, chain, limb, bangle etc.

Jade bracelet has advantages that value it as a shield amulet that guarantees a long life and also a peaceful death. It is also said that these bracelets have a strong talisman of healing, which is good for friendship, means happiness, wisdom and gathers in peace. It spreads negative energy in and around a person and helps motivate him to see the positive part in everything.

Jade bracelets can be worn easily. Jade bracelets or Yu have been appreciated by Chinese for over 7,000 years. It has a value comparable to gold and diamonds in the West. Wearing a jade bracelet is not only beautiful, but also promotes a role for the human health body. It is unique and especially for women as it brings peace and talisman. Wearing or owning a jade bracelet makes a woman look elegant, gentle, beautiful, and generous.

These jade bracelets have become the eternal popular and decorated item. The benefits of a jade bracelet that not only looks good are also very good for the health of all as it has healing properties. Jade bracelets are very popular with women, especially the young girls. They help you to appreciate your hands and to enjoy the look. It is bright in color and adds to its own uniqueness that will help everyone appreciate this jade bracelet on your hands.