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Jogging pants define the word sport like nothing else. If you imagine being at home with a tub of ice cream or pizza on a weekend, what do you wear? Sweatpants, jogging pants, jogging pants! What do you wear while doing gymnastics or running? Sweatpants. Jogging pants have become the clothing that is popular with both men and women. And now some celebrities even showcase it on the street or stage it as fashion clothing.

Jogging pants are usually made of cotton or heavy knit polyester. Jogging pants usually have an elastic waist. They come with or without pockets. Jogging pants are usually loose and baggy and can be easily put on and take off. Sweatpants was originally made for athletic purposes, but is now synonymous with comfort.

Jogging pants are like a unisex thing, but there are special ones for women and men. Every brand has come up with its own sweatpants, from Nike, Hanes, Hollister to Asos. Even Victoria's secret and Playboy have come up with their own set of joggers and jogging pants.

Jogging pants are preferred by celebrities and athletes at the airport. You can get the different variations of jogging pants, from tailored over baggy to joggers. There are so many styles that you are spoiled for choice. The sweatpants also have a wide price range from low to high budget.

Adidas and Nike have their own followers who want to buy any new sweatpants they offer. Abercrombie and Fitch has also launched its own sweatpants on the market.

Jogging pants most often use fleece. But it's time to go beyond the fleece and choose materials like jeans, cotton, cashmere, jersey and even faux leather. Classic black, white and gray jogging pants can be provided with funny details such as zipper pockets, colored cuffs and waist bands. Experiment with camouflage or animal motifs.