Wedding Suits

Getting married and want to stand out in your wedding suit? At Whitfield & Ward, we’ll help you find a unique look for both you and your #groomsmen. #countrywedding #groomsuit #navysuit

The wedding marks the celebration of a new life and every bride and groom is looking forward to this very special day. The grooms want their wedding suits to be tailored in the best way possible and they must be made of the finest fabric quality. When making wedding suits, deeper colors should be used to make the groom look best in a large crowd. There are different types of wedding suits that are made for the special occasion.

  • The leisure suit: Weddings are organized outdoors or there may also be beach weddings. The casual guy makes the groom look smoother and more relaxed. These wedding suits are made of bright colors like pastel colors like light blue, green, etc. Pants and vests are the perfect combination in this respect. Cotton, wool, etc. are some of the fabrics that should be used in making these suits.
  • The statement type wedding suits: These suits are usually used for indoor weddings. The masculine figure of the grooms highlights them in the crowd and they look very dashing and good looking. These wedding suits are a combination of tuxedos and formal suits. Black and Gray are the two common colors used in these suits. Cashmere or silk are the basic fabrics of the suits and contrasting colors can be worn in this case. It is made individually by the tailors.
  • The reusable wedding suits: These are perfect for any kind of wedding. These suits are reused at various weddings. In this case, the shirts can easily shrink by continuous use. The fabrics used here are either wool or polyester. These wedding suits are made in a standard size.

These are the best suits for weddings.